Transforming Your New Construction Property In Manchester With Stunning Landscaping Ideas

person designing a landscape on paper

Transforming Your New Construction Property In Manchester With Stunning Landscaping Ideas

Whether it be landscaping so beautiful that it will be the talk of the entire neighborhood, or a plan designed to maximize outdoor opportunities for both you and your pets, the well-designed landscape can be the pride of any homeowner. Creating the perfect landscape design requires extensive knowledge and experience of both plants and how to meld hardscaping with existing property features to produce desirable outcomes. And securing the services of a professional landscape designer makes sense.

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How To Design A Landscape Plan For A New Construction Property

Landscape design in Manchester can be easy if you follow a few basic steps:

  • Draw a map: Draw a basic plan of your entire yard, making note of features of existing landscaping like trees, water features, elevation changes, lighting and shade, and privacy issues.
  • Goal setting: Plan how you want to use your yard. Decide if you want it for entertainment, relaxation, recreation, or a combination of these features.
  • Big things first: It’s best to start designing by placing the big landscape features first, and then filling other features in around them.
  • Plan the theme: The theme should complement your new construction, not work against it.
  • Choose plants: There are a vast variety of plants to choose from, but it is important for landscape plantings to work in harmony with one another.

Your yard has more potential than you can imagine, and all it takes to unlock its full potential is the skill and experience of Shampney & Sons Four Seasons Landscaping. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your yard.

The Best Plants And Trees For New Construction Landscaping

There’s a wide range of plants and trees to choose from when planning your landscaping. It’s best to use a mix of plants and trees that work well together, both in their growth patterns and their sizes. Plants have the advantage of establishing themselves quickly and bringing color and beauty to your yard. Trees are slower growing, but add a profound vertical component, can provide shade that plants can’t, and can also offer privacy.

With so many choices to choose from, selecting the plants and trees to use for your new construction property can seem intimidating. It doesn’t have to be that way. Shampney & Sons Four Seasons Landscaping professionals know all about area plants and trees, and what works best. If you need landscape design in Manchester, get in touch with us today.

Incorporating Hardscaping Into Your New Construction Landscape Design

Hardscaping includes things like walkways, paths, walls, structures, terraces, and any other design element made from strong, hard-wearing materials. Hardscaping can be used to draw visual attention to certain areas of your yard and can help define how the property may be used.

Hardscaping your yard can make a great property perfect, both visually and functionally, and give you endless enjoyment. Shampney & Sons Four Seasons Landscaping can help you choose the best landscaping ideas. Contact us today for help with commercial and residential landscape design.

Experienced Landscaping Services For Your New Construction

Calling the professionals is the best, easiest way to get the yard that you want, without all of the guesswork that can be involved in do-it-yourself efforts. Call Shampney & Sons Four Seasons Landscaping today and let us help you design the perfect yard for you and your family. We are area experts in landscape installation services.